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Google Play Services

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Bazile | 16:11 Wed 08th Apr 2020 | Technology
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Why all of a sudden I've lost my Google Play. Services on my phone

A message says ''' Google play services is not. Supported by your device ''

What's happened. - how do I get it back ?

It's a Moto G - 3rd generation.


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Any one got any ideas please?
Does this help:

Scroll down to "recommended answer" and there's a link in there with step by step instructions that you can try.
Have you worked through all of these?
Question Author
When I go into the Google play services app, it is grey out , where it says 'force stop '/ 'disable '

The app appears to be on the phone but does not work

I don't understand why all of a sudden it says my device does not support it - when it had supported it ever since I bought the phone

Can't get into you tube, Gmail. Calendar , play movies , apps store , because they all seem to need to have Google play services working

Do you think that they put the wrong update on my phone ie the last one - or something like that ?
From the web:
"1. Go to your Web Browser on your phone.

2. Search “Google Play services” in the Google Search Engine.

3. Under “Apps” find the “Google Play services”.

4. Click “Google Play Services”, you will be redirected in the Google Play Store App.

5. Then click “Update”"

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Google Play Services

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