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Knackered Set Top Box

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woodchopper | 19:11 Wed 08th Apr 2020 | Technology
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The hard disk drive in my PVR ( talk talk tv recorder ) has knackered. Not wanting to miss a challenge I opened it up and checked what HDD was in it and ordered an identical one.
Now, I assume it is not just a matter of swapping it out, but, after some research it appears the o/s is in Linux and the new HDD has to be partitioned with Gpart.
Anyone done this before on a windows computer ? Don't want to risk fouling it up. The set top box model number is DN370T


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or.... is it a simple matter of swapping it over ?
Did you have to buy your PVR. If not it's probably down to TalkTalk to replace the disc.
If it is your responsibility I'd try swapping it and then looking through the setup menu and reformatting it.
Question Author
Out of contract and changed package to broadband only and damned thing knackered two weeks later.
There is a 372 for £15 on Ebay to save the fuss

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Knackered Set Top Box

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