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Apple Iphone Storage

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ilovechocolate | 06:46 Fri 25th Dec 2020 | Technology
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I have a 128GB iPhone 11. I have only used up 25GB of that including the system software.

However, my photo albums tell me I do not have enough iCloud storage for any more photos??

I really don’t understand as I seem to have lots of space left.



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iCloud storage is only 5gb as far as I’m aware, hence if you’ve taken lots of photographs you may have used the majority of it.

If so, I’d suggest buying a Scandisk iXpand USB stick to back up your photos and videos onto, then subsequently onto a laptop or external hard drive.
You can get 50gb of cloud storage for about 75p a month.
iCloud storage isn't held on your iPhone. I'm sure that Stickybottle is right about how much space you get.

That's where your confusion is coming from.
Your iphone is set to back your photos up to icloud, but the free icloud storage is smaller than your phone.

Either pay the 79p per month for more icloud, or switch it off and save the photos on you phone, but back them up some other way.
Maybe sit down and go through your ICloud collection and have a thinning out session. Deleting all the photos you never really have should have stored in the first place.
Bet it it takes more than one session !
greedy icloud constantly ask for payments. Most of my pics & vids are posted on via email etc. This ipone is 5+ years old & nothing is removed by icloud.
Don't worry, your photos are still being stored on your phone. You have your phone set to back up your photos to iCloud (Apple's online photo storage system) and it is this cloud storage that is full.
Your photos should be backed up somewhere - if your phone breaks or is lost/stolen you don't want all your photos to be lost. You have many choices - you could pay for more iCloud storage; back them up to your pc; choose another form of cloud storage such as Google Photos.

This is a good article

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Apple Iphone Storage

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