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Lost Apple Id Password, Right You Clever Lot.

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SparklyKid | 11:45 Sun 27th Dec 2020 | Technology
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2 years ago my daughter gave me her old apple iphone 5 SE. Primarily to use in conjunction with a drone, etc. It was set up with my email address as the Apple ID. No idea what the password is.
The trusted phone number is an old one my daughter used to have.

Yesterday my daughter in law gave us her old tablet. I cannot use it as it keeps asking for apple ID and password.

Without ripping my hair out how can I recover/renew my apple ID password in simple terms.


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The following link might be of help to you :-,onscreen%20steps%20to%20update%20your%20password.%20See%20More Hans.
12:31 Sun 27th Dec 2020
Isn't there a *forgot password* option underneath the sign in Sparkly ?
Has your daughter (or anyone) got a working apple ID? Go online to apple chat with it.
Also , go into settings, then general, scroll down to passwords to see if it's been saved in there
go onto a pc or laptop and install itunes.then connect iphone to pc etc with usb cable.go into accounts on itunes and there is a optiion to restore oe completely reset the phone.Plenty of instructions on how to do it on internet.just google it.I did one yesterday for grandson and it takes about 20 to 30 mins.
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Thanks all, will get onto it.
Thanks sharing this information
Thanku [url=]ji[/url]
It's [ok](
You can go to to get back your Apple ID and password by entering the relevant information. Or you can contact the Apple Support team or go to the local Apple Store directly to seek their professional help. Otherwise, you are impossible to recover your Apple ID. If you want to renew it, you can also use Joyoshare Activation Unlocker to remove the lock and reset it.

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Lost Apple Id Password, Right You Clever Lot.

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