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Adding A Link To The Task Bar

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andy-hughes | 18:34 Thu 07th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I want to add a link for a website to the task bar at the bottom of the screen - can anyone assist please?


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1. Go to your Start screen.
2. You should see a list of icons of installed programs.
3. Right click on your chosen icon.
4. Menu appears, with options on it.
5. Left click on Attach to taskbar.
6. Fingers crossed, that should do it!
5 correction: Pin to taskbar.
BB's method adds a shortcut to a program to the taskbar but not a shortcut to a website.

In Chrome or Edge, go the the relevant website and click the three lines (or three dots) at the top right. Select More Tools > Add to Taskbar (or Pin to Taskbar).

Adding a link to a website with Firefox is far more tricky:
I'm sure you used to be able to drag the website logo/icon to the taskbar. I suspect that was many years and many versions of Windows ago
Alternatively, you can pin a website to an existing taskbar shortcut to your browser. (This works for any browser):

First, make sure that you've got a shortcut to your browser on your taskbar. (If you haven't, locate the program in your Start menu. Right click on it and select More > Pin to Taskbar).

Then open your browser and go to the relevant website. Drag the favicon (or padlock), that's immediately to the left of the site's URL, onto the taskbar shortcut for your browser. You can then access that website from your taskbar via RIGHT-clicking on your browser's taskbar shortcut.
in FF
1 - reduce the window so you have a bit of the desk top showing
2 - go to the site
3 - Bookmark the page
4 - click on bookmarks
5 - find the one you want and click and drag to the desk top
6 - go to the desktop and right click on the shortcut you just created and select pin to taskbar.
if you already have the site bookmarked start at 4 above.
Links are normally added to the Toolbar(historically along the top. The Toolbar is normally used to launch browsers, apps, system info(wifi, battery, sound) etc. I think that what we are doing is saving a site(link with address) and a tab of it's own(window). All my systems have and have had the Toolbar at the bottom and the Taskbar at the top. You can change this in settings but it is now the default with most browsers.
You're the one who cares, you figure it out. (Andy Hughes)
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Adding A Link To The Task Bar

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