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barry1010 | 16:00 Fri 08th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I have to buy a tablet for an elderly relative. She will mostly be playing hidden object type games, looking at her photo albums and listening to her music. Nothing taxing. She uses my iPad but she needs her own device.
As she has a tendency to drop (and throw) things I am thinking that a cheap Amazon Fire tablet would be best, in one of those kiddies cases for ease of handling and protection against drops.

I need to know what she will be able to play the games that she enjoys which she mostly accesses through Facebook. Any advice would be welcome.


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She will be able to get loads of games, but kindle fire doesn't use Google play so no Google apps. I assume she has decent Wi-Fi as they can be sensitive to low signal. Amazon games have most of the popular ones anyway.
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Souldarkness, thanks for that. She lives with me so WiFi speed is no problem. I shall see if I can access the Amazon app store and see what is there.
It's not easy to do, Barry, but you can get the Google Play Store onto a Fire tablet
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That's good to know a lot of her photos are stored on Google. I've heard a lot of good reviews about the Fire and think it will suit her needs, and cheap enough to replace if it gets broken.
if you get amazon fire for kids, it comes with one of those cases plus a "they break it, we replace it" guarantee. Or at least it used to
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OH! I'll look in to that, thanks
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Oh yes - within 2 years - that makes it an even better buy. I'd never claim on my home insurance for that amount of money so it's worth having
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I just wanted to say that the Fire Kid's Edition is a resounding success without adding the Google Play Store. She finds it easy to hold, easy to use and loves the colour (purple, if you are wondering).
I don't need to worry about her dropping it, or throwing it. She has taken it like a duck to water and my iPad will live to see another day.

This is not a recommendation for the Fire in itself, it certainly won't suit everyone but my aged relative only uses a tablet to play a few casual games, look at her memory photo albums and videos and look at the weather forecast (she is obsessed with the weather). It is perfect for her needs.

Thanks all

great :)
purple is awesome

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