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Anyone Know How To Install Macos Big Sur 11.3.1 Software Update?

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ladybirder | 20:38 Sat 08th May 2021 | Technology
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I've tried and failed so many times. I'm on a MacBook Air using Safari and currently on Big Sur 11.2.3. Every day I get a message saying it will be installed later tonight but it doesn't happen. I did start it myself one evening and went to bed and left it installing. Next morning it was still only 2/3rds of the way through. So slow, I had to wait another 4 hours for it to finish and then immediately got a message saying it was unsuccessful. Anyone else got the same problem? Any help gratefully received. Thanks.


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I know nothing about Macs but I do know that Macworld is a trusted source of information. Perhaps something here might help?
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Thanks Chris, I'll have a go. What usually happens is, it says Go to Settings, I do that, Click on X, I do that, then Click on W and I don't have a W. Scream. Looks like loads of people are having trouble with it. See you later.
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Well I tried. I did make a couple of changes that were recommended and let it run through the night. It have cleared when I looked this morning so was hopeful. But no. Got the message, " An error occurred while downloading the selected updates. Please check your internet connection and try again". Nothing wrong with my internet connection.
Nobody else having trouble with it?
This guy seems to have got the problem beaten. (To watch the video on a YouTube page, instead of in the small window here, click on its title below instead of on the 'Play' button. You'll see that the comments below the video are full of praise for his instructions):

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Thank you so much for that Chris. Bless you.
I'll have to get someone to do it for me. I can't get any sound at all so can't hear the instructions and there's just stuff dancing all over the screen while I'm trying to read them and they are all blurry anyway. I am very grateful, just need one of the tech savvy guys here to help.

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Anyone Know How To Install Macos Big Sur 11.3.1 Software Update?

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