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Hanging Up / End A Call Samsung Galaxy A12?

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daz1969 | 05:50 Fri 14th May 2021 | Technology
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Hello, does anyone know how to hang up / end a call on a Samsung a12? I finish speaking to a person, the screen has gone blank so I can't actually end the call without touching the on / off button on the side to 'waken' the screen but 9 times out of 10 the phone switches off - thanks for help on probably the worst phone I've ever owned :)


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There must be a fault with your phone because in order to power off a Samsung A21, you need to press and hold both the Bixby button and the power button, then tap the power off icon which appears on the screen.
It sounds as if it's going into 'sleep" mode - not actually powering off
If you touch the screen does that wake it up?
I don't know your phone but is there not an option in Settings to change the length of time before the screen saver cuts in?
I love my Samsung Galaxy A12. To turn the screen back on, so that you can terminate a call, just tap the power button on the side lightly. (A long press will turn it off).

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Hanging Up / End A Call Samsung Galaxy A12?

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