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Connecting 2 Laptops Permnanently On My Home Network

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joko | 21:56 Tue 17th Aug 2021 | Technology
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what is the best way to do this?

i have a laptop in my bedroom & one in my living room

both on win10

i want to be able to access both laptops from each other

i tried remote access but that only goes 1 way at a time, and keeps logging out etc

ive been trying to connect by a homegroup, following instructions from the net, but for some reason, nothing comes up if i type homegroup into the search box & there isnt one in the network & sharing centre in the control panel.

any ideas? its driving me mad - im sitting on my bed with 2 laptops side by side and they just wont connect to each other!

thanks :)


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NB - they are both visible in each others network folder - but when i click on the other laptops name its just an empty folder
These instructions are from HP but they'll work with any Windows 10 computers (and, importantly, they're a lot clearer than those on Microsoft's own website!):
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Connecting 2 Laptops Permnanently On My Home Network

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