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Anyone Accidently Wake Up To Max Volume On Phone Alarm?

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Bionicle5 | 23:23 Tue 05th Apr 2022 | Technology
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On at least one occasion I set my wake up alarm on my iphone and forgot to adjust the sound to a lower volume. I woke up with a very rude awakening with the alarm going off at max volume.


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I have an alarm clock the deaf people gave me when I was working.

You put a pad under your mattress and when the alarm went off the pad nearly threw you out of the bed. Think I wakened before that happened LOL
No I keep my phone on mute
I didn’t realise that I could still use the alarm on my phone while it was on silent so one night I was woken up by an email notification.

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Anyone Accidently Wake Up To Max Volume On Phone Alarm?

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