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Icloud And Iphone

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Rockape808 | 15:29 Wed 08th Jun 2022 | Technology
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What is the purpose of iCloud if it does not allow space to be created on an iPhone?
My daughter has 2TB available in the iCloud as she is required to take so many photos for her job, along with all the other usual photos she takes.
Her iPhone is showing her storage to be full and it is preventing her from using apps etc. I thought by having photos stored in the iCloud she could delete photos from her phone and create space but this doesn't seem to be the case.
Can this be fixed or is the iCloud not for this purpose and as such just to download to a PC/MAC and reduce her iCloud limit? Space is desperately needed on her iPhone and this is used up by the photos and videos.
As an Android user I have little understanding of all things Apple.


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What is the storage on her phone, not in the cloud
Question Author
Unsure but think 64Gb

Just set the phone so pictures go only to the cloud and are not stored locally.
The purpose of iCloud is to back your files up. Not create more space on your phone.
If you need more space on your phone you need a bigger phone, or delete stuff you don't want.
That is not much storage. She needs a phone with more storage if she is taking lots of photos. How old is her phone. It might be worth upgrading to 250 memory or more
If your phone is full or short of space, then provided you have enough iCloud space it will store stuff remotely only anyway. That inevitably slows things down though. As you are finding.
And I think that applies to Android devices too.
But if you delete stuff it's gone (eventually), unless you have a backup that contains the deleted files. Don't forget of course that just deleting a photo doesn't remove it from an iPhone for several days unless you go in and remove it from the deleted items album.
Sounds like she needs to back stuff up on flash drives if more space cannpot be freed up any other way.
... but a bigger phone is indeed the handiest option if affordable
Question Author
Sadly a new phone is not possible until her contract expires in December. When she got it she didnt have her current job (zoo keeper) which understandably so many photos are taken....not only of the animals but food prep, enclosures etc. I understand the iCloud is a back up but what is the point of having this if she cannot delete photos on her phone? iPhones do not have the option of SD cards sadly.
As mentioned the question is how can the photos be backed up on her iCloud and not her phone? She currently deletes photos but they reappear so presume the iCloud is re-populating her phone. I will follow the video link as provided by FatticusInch.
ToraToraTora is it a simple case of adjusting her settings to allow pictures to go to the iCloud and not her phone?
Thank you all for helping
As is said here, iCloud is a syncing services, not a storage one:

So what TTT suggests simply isn't possible.

Your daughter should transfer the files to another device, such as a Mac or PC, and then copy them to external media, such as a USB memory stick or similar.
I have over 5,000 photos on my iPhone and they use less than 1gb of space. How many does she have? What happens to them once she’s taken them - are they sent to someone at the zoo? Can she not delete them as she goes?

One thing I did do was to switch off the automatic storage of photos sent to me via WhatsApp. So I only save other peoples snaps if I want to keep them otherwise I look, comment, and don’t store them as photos. They’re still in WhatsApp if I want to look again.

After photos and WhatsApp, what’s her next digest storage item?
Digest? I typed biggest!
Question Author
Thanks Buenchico. Currently downloading all her 29000 pictures and 9000 videos on the iCloud to an external hard drive. Fun, fun, fun. Not.
If she has Amazon Prime she has unlimited photo storage on Amazon photos
Question Author
Really good question Maydup. Most photos she keeps as she uses them as a reference as well as to show friends and family. She works 180 miles away from me but seeing her this weekend so will check about the WhatsApp photos etc. Thank you.

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Icloud And Iphone

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