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Monitor Not Waking Up With Tower!

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kenny1234 | 16:42 Thu 15th Sep 2022 | Technology
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Last Winter I had a problem with the monitor not coming on with the tower first thing in the morning, after an overnight sleep.The tower would come on after I pressed any key but only the light on the monitor (not the screen) If I waited about 15-20 mins it eventually came on when I moved the mouse.------Over the last few months (Spring and Summer) everything has been fine (warmer in the room in the morning!!) However, the last couple of days it has started to play the same tricks again.----Could it be the monitor doesn't like waking up when it is cold? I posted this question last winter.---It just seems strange that it has started playing up again!!


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The fact you say "tower" makes me think this is quite an old system. Is your monitor a CRT perchance? If so it's probably on the way out.
TTT, curious as to what you call a desktop box of bits
well it's a desktop, a "Tower" is what we had in the 90s.
My desktops are all-in-ones, mini-pcs and towers. They are still advertised as towers
I think that I would be doing one of two things right now. Disconnect the monotor from the pc(tower) and switch it on. If it displays diagnostic info right away then the led(possibly) display has not degraded to a point of no return. Do this from cold! I would also try a reboot with a different monitor. I am fortunately in possesion of two monitors in the house. If this also has a delay on showing images then we need to be looking at perhaps the graphics card in the tower.
Oy Tora..... I have a Microsoft Surface Pro and I would not swap it for my home made desktop, with tower, for a gold clock. A proper desktop is serious blokes gear and is non negotiable in these parts. (^_*)
Ok fair enough Most people I know use laptops.
If I was forced to guess, on the information given and no further info, I would say monitor degredation.
Easy to test just try another monitor.
As suggested ^^... / I would also try a reboot with a different monitor. I am fortunately in possesion of two monitors in the house. If this also has a delay on showing images then we need to be looking at perhaps the graphics card in the tower.//
Morning again Kenny if you are still there. I did not construct a reply very clearly last night due to being a bit tired. If you are still able to look in I will try again. What I meant to suggest was unplugging the Tower input from the monitor and switching on the monitor. In my experience all monitors will now either immediately display a message that says, no signal, or choose an input of say VGA DVI HDMI etc. This will depend of course on the make and age of the monitor. If none of those things happen then we suspect the monitor has degraded. It is not however definite, again depending on the make ... etc. etc. If you have another monitor handy and are able you woud then connect up to your Tower. Now this is where it can get bothersome. If the Tower is getting on and the test monitor is brand spanking(this applies to a permanent replacement) new make sure that the monitor has an input port that will accept you Tower output!(Important) Again in my experience, when you switch on the PC Tower and if the monitor is on(maybe you leave it on standby) then the monitor screen usually first shows somthing like ASUS motherboard details or some other manufacturers reminder of who is boss whilst the Tower boots up. It should then move on to your "background" page or other signs of the PC Tower being up and running and ready for your usual og in routine. If this indeed happens with the test monitor your old one is goosed. If the test monitor( unlikely) behaves like your old monitor then we know it is the Tower. We then have a number of things to check but we need a known good monitor for that. We can enter the bios during boot up for instance and check the power outputs from the Tower power supply. But we have to start with, the easy, unplug the Tower from the Monitor and switch on the monitor before we can do anything.
Drives me mad after posting to find two keyboard errors. og = log ... and woud = would. Edit facility please. Perhaps Spare Ed could correct?
Perhaps you could read thru before posting?
Question Author
Thanks for all your input---however, no one seems to answer my main point, which is why my monitor works perfectly well for the rest of the day, once it has eventually come on.
It is more than likely that the small 50(or 47)mfd 25v capacitors on the monitor power board have deteriated to a point where they do not regulate the power supply to the rest of the monitor functions below a certain temperature. If you are handy with a soldering irion you could open it up and replace all of them. Could be up to a dozen, could be a couple, depending on the make and model. I spent 26 years in electronics(repairs) and it would not be an issue for me. Incidently the same thing can apply to a flat screen tv showing similar slow start. It carries on working once on because the internal temp of the monitor rises when it is displaying images.
THey will look something like this. The colour of them does not matter(as it does with resistors)but the value and working voltage does. Your monitor may use 5mfd or some other value and possibly have a different working voltage. Wthout a service manual( not user manual) or a visual inspection we could not tell you which to purchase. They cost about 50p each.
I wrote 47mfd but you will find that it is(in these modern times) now correct to make that 4700uf.
Question Author
Many thanks to you togo----On my original query last winter, one post said a definitive NO when I suggested it could be the temperature in a morning. Thanks once again.---I'll accept your answer.
You could always test it by blowing a hairdrier into the monitor for a few minutes(or more) depending on how cold the ambient temperature is. If it displays in a normal fashion you are then certain. I would be doing that. A can of freezer aerosol and a hairdrier were essential bits of kit, back in the day, to check for temperature sensitivity in individual components.

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Monitor Not Waking Up With Tower!

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