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Galaxy Software Update Resulting In Split Keyboard

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tiggerblue10 | 10:02 Sat 22nd Oct 2022 | Technology
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My galaxy tab did a software update on 17/10 and I've now got a split keyboard with a big gap in middle. Don't like it! Anyway I can get it back to how it was?


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Try this ?
You can also turn off Split keyboard in Settings to make sure you don't run into the issue again. Doing so is simple: Open Settings > General > Keyboard. Tap the switch to turn off Split keyboard.
Did it work tigger ?
Question Author
Sorry, just got back to AB.

Thanks Jazzgirl, but it doesn't give me the option to switch of split keyboard.
How about this ?
Question Author
Yay! Sorted :o)

Thank you so much, Jazzgirl xx

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Galaxy Software Update Resulting In Split Keyboard

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