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Help With Getting Itvx On My Smart Tv Please!

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moggie 939 | 13:05 Thu 08th Dec 2022 | Technology
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I have looked in my Freeview apps on my TV and ITV Hub is still there but when I pressed it it said it was finished (I thought itvx would appear in it' place) I have a new model Sony Bravia TV

So I went into my phone and downloaded theitvx app and registered and got everything on my phone. I was the told I would get an email so I could continue to set up on my TV but no email came and I cannot find the itvx app on my tv at all.

It said go into menu to left on the app but there is not one there. What am I doing wrong please or will it appear at a later date

Thanks Moggie


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Scroll down to the heading "How to Install ITVX on Sony Android TV?"
Same sort(ish) of problem with my Phillips smart tv. I tried to install itvx and get a message stating
'Application unavailable
The manufacturer and/or operating system provider for this device has not secured the necessary rights for this application'
As far as I understand it Phillips don't have a licence to run itvx yet!
I have though managed to install it on both my kindle and my samsung phone.
Yes I am confused too.
Is ITVX the same as ITVHub.
Is it just a rebranding exercise, or a rewrite?

The Hub app still works on my Firestick, but has changed to X on my iPad.
Many newer apps aren't compatible with older TVs (or with other devices, such as Humax boxes). It's not unknown for people to buy TV sets that have only just come onto the market, only to find that certain apps cease to be supported just two or three years later. So I've got a nasty feeling that Moggie and/or ILA might be trying to do the impossible:

However Sony Bravia TV sets aren't listed in that link as models that are known to have problems, so it might be possible for him to get it to work. The very first thing that Moggie needs to do is to check his spam folder, to see if the missing email is hiding in there.

For anyone who definitely can't get ITVX directly onto their smart TV, a workaround is to use something like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku device.
Question Author
Hello The Chair and others
Your link did not work but I have found the problem!! Firstly my Bravia is per 2015 at which date Sony made them Android so the only apps on the tv are about five which include Amazon luckily but no others and cannot add to them!
I use the latest Humax box for all my viewing and this did include the old ITV Hub but Humax are not including (just phoned them!) itvx in even the latest 5000T box only in their new Aurora!!
Somebody said my only option is to buy an Android box or a Amazon Firestick and this will convert my non android Bravia to Android and then I can download the app to the TV.
Excuse me if I have not explained this easily but I am not very tech minded
>>> Is ITVX the same as ITV Hub

It's an updating of the service. If a device is compatible with ITVX (which officially launches today), the ITV Hub app will automatically roll over to the new service. If a device isn't compatible, ITV Hub will cease working and it won't be possible to install ITVX onto it.

With the BBC planning to cease using Freeview by 2030, with its services only being made available over the internet, ITV is getting ready to do the same. That means that it will need an app suitable for carrying all of its existing services and its planned new ones too. ITV Hub wasn't up to the task, so ITVX has been developed to replace it.
>>> Somebody said my only option is to buy an Android box or a Amazon Firestick and this will convert my non android Bravia to Android and then I can download the app to the TV

As per the last paragraph of my post at 1341, that would appear to be your best (and, indeed, only) option. You won't actually be downloading the app to your TV itself though. It will either already be on the Amazon Fire TV Stick (or Roku device, or whatever) or you'll be able to download it to that device.

Roku devices currently start from just £19.99:

Amazon Fire TV Sticks currently start from £29.99
Question Author
Yes - ITV Hub disappeared and I never got the email when downloading the app to my phone because my Bravia definately is not Android!
So I am going to get a Firestick from Amazon on the basis if I am not happy with it I can return it
Thanks Buenchico and everyone
Thanks for that Buenchico. My tv is only six months old so I'm slightly peeved it won't take itvx...but only slightly. I will look into getting a roku device at a later date.
That is a bit of a mess of a roll out, especially not keeping ITV Hub compatible. I would be mad if I had a fairly new telly and couldn’t get ITV catchup at all.

1. Does the Sony Bravia have a software update OTA ?
2. Does it have (or download) Chromecast ?
3. Firesticks are currently £30 on Amazon.
4. Can you get AppleTV on your Bravia. ITVX should be on that.

Question Author

1. Not my model
2. No
3. Just ordered a firestick now!
4. No Apple App

My model Sony which is 2015 (before Android) only gas a few apps installed with no option to add any more!
I have Amazon - YouTube - i Player and a couple I have never seen before and that is it!

Since I ordered the Firestick some one has said that it will not download PlayStore!! Hope that is not the case and if it is can I download the app from anywhere else?

Thank you
The Amazon Fire TV Stick has its own app store, from where you can download the ITVX app:
Question Author
Will look into this Gromit
^the link provided by Gromit is a year it probably won't be relevant to ITVX.
I've just checked on mine and it's still called ITV Hub. Does this mean ITVX hasn't happened yet?
ITVX officially launches today but the updating of the apps on individual TV sets has been a gradual roll out. So you might simply be near to the end of the queue in that roll-out process.

In the near future, your ITV Hub app should either be converted automatically to the ITVX one (which will be good news) or simply stop working altogether (which will be bad news, as it will mean that the app's not compatible with your TV and you'll need to buy an external device, as above, in order to be able to access ITVX).
My Sony tv updated today, I didn't have to do anything
Question Author
I will wait a week or two!
Thanks Buenchico.

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Help With Getting Itvx On My Smart Tv Please!

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