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Problems With Photo Apps - Help Please!

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moggie 939 | 14:01 Thu 15th Dec 2022 | Technology
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On my phone I have File Mgr app downloaded from Play Store and that works quite well showing vids, photos and everything else but.............

I downloaded a photo app and a gallery app hoping to see them easily but am confused! On the gallery app they mostly all show up in little squares each photo but some of the older ones are missing.
On the photo app they show in date order going back a few months but not the recent ones! I know these apps from Play Store are free and lots of ads sometimes but is there a decent photo storage app that will just show ALL my photos inc those taken with the phone's camera plus those I have transferred from my laptop?

I have the Google photo app and Gallery app called xGallery

Also a video and some photos have disappeared and I have not deleted them so will they be somewhere on the phone and can they be retrieved with another app!
Thanks everyone


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Photo Apps are always expanding the possibilities for pictures on your phone, but unfortunately they don't always work as well as you need.
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Problems With Photo Apps - Help Please!

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