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Type Of Film To Cover A Camera Lens With?

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joko | 13:00 Mon 09th Jan 2023 | Technology
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i bought a new phone cover, and it was a pain in the hoop to find because i like the type that open vertically down, not horizontally like a book, and for some reason they can be a bit hard to find.

But the one I got has a zip on the front, which was fine - but now I've got it, I've realised whenever the case is open and folded back - how I'd usually have it - the zipper sticks out & is right in front of the camera & will obviously scratch hell out of it over time.
When the zipper is anywhere else, the case doesn't fold back flatly, making it awkward to hold & awkward because it creates tension on the magnets on the that keep them together.

So I will probably just remove the zipper - and leave the teeth - I'd only use it for a slide in pocket anyway.

But still thinking the teeth might scratch the camera.

I may just remove the teeth, but I think they would help with keeping anything i put in it from sliding out.
So, does anyone know of a plastic film I can cover the lenses with, to protect them?

I know you can get covers for the LCD screens, but obviously the actually lenses are a bit more sensitive & need to be crystal clear

Any ideas?

Thanks :)


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Type Of Film To Cover A Camera Lens With?

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