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Remove Unwanted Programs/Files And Question About Google Pay - Help Please!

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moggie 939 | 09:20 Mon 06th Mar 2023 | Technology
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Sorry there are wo different questions here but perhaps you can help me?

1. I downloaded free Post Box email and did not like it so I immediately uninstalled the program from my laptop and they acknowledged the uninstallation but.......every day or so I get messages from Post Box which I have to delete. Is there still part of Post Box which did not uninstall? I have tried to remove with Avast Clean and other cleaners but they still remain!

2. Also I had a message from AVG which I did not think I installed on my phone whicc sais they had taken a subscription via Google Pay against my card and that I can remove this instruction but I do not know how to find Google Pay on my laptop.

Thanks everyone



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Google Pay is now called Wallet.
Double check that, that last one is legit. Being made concerned by being told you made a payment for something that you don't recall installing sounds very scam-like to me.
I know nothig about 'post box', in fact this is the first I've heard of it: but I trust you have tried all the search hits about it's removal
Where are you receiving the messages from Post Box?
Question Author
Thanks Barry and Old Geezer
I think the uninstaller for Post Box left some files - they keep coming up as emails but nothing specific to worry about so I will try a separate uninstaller which should remove ALL the file bits?
Did not realise it was called wallet - it was not a scam because I remembered I had paid for a special offer a year ago but now need to make sure it cannot be taken again
Thanks both
Is it just emails you are getting from Post Box? Often when you have given your email address, they will continue to send you, essentially, adverts, and you need then to find somewhere within the email unsubscribe to stop them.
Question Author
Yes - thanks for that
I have just managed to rmove the latent files from Post Box via my Avast file remover

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Remove Unwanted Programs/Files And Question About Google Pay - Help Please!

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