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Itvx - Where Is Schedule?

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Barquentine | 15:02 Mon 05th Jun 2023 | Technology
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BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub had a section called 'Channels' and 'Schedule' to browse back over a few days and see what you may have missed.
On ITVx I simply cannot seem to find the Schedule in order to locate a programme from last Thursday I want to see part of.
Is it in there somewhere and am I being a bit dim? Or have they spoilt things again?


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Ive just had a look and can't see it, seems you will have to go through 'search'
If your TV has Freeview you might be able to access the programme you want through the tv on screen tv guide. I can click on 'today' under 'date' at the left of the screen, choose the day I want 'Thursday 1st June' and then click on the programme I want to watch. Quicker than using the search box and spelling out the programme in ITVX
It's a right kerfuffle and no mistake. Can't ff the adverts either.
That's why I record everything I want to watch on commercial tv, douglas.
Aye barry, but I don't think there's an option to record ITV-X.
There is itv x premium for £5.99 a month, reportedly advert free.
There is indeed but I'll just save £72/annum by not using it at all.
No, you can't record ITVX but I've only used it once, when I stupidly forgot to record an episode halfway through a series.
Anything that is new on ITVX will find its way on to the main ITV channels eventually.
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Thanx everyone. Why do youngsters have to come along and want to make their mark by 'improving' everything so that it's much worse? I'll try that Barry1010 but I didn't know the TV schedule in Freeview could access ITVx

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Itvx - Where Is Schedule?

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