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Iphone/Icloud Question

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quizman55 | 10:09 Mon 19th Jun 2023 | Technology
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Message keeps saying that my storage on ICloud is full and that my phone can’t be backed up unless I buy more storage.

I’ve discovered that when I’ve been taking pictures, the “live” element has been on, so every picture I took, took several “shots”, I’ve now turned off “live”. Suspect that it is these "live images" that is takng up the space on iCloud

Copied all my pictures now to my PC, I don't necessarily need all of them on the phone & ipad, if I go through now and delete the pictures from my phone & iPad, will it delete images in the cloud and give me back the storage on ICloud, or is it that I have to pay?


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Before you do anything, have you logged in to your iCloud and checked the storage? I know there is a scam going round about iCloud being full and requesting payment

Try altering your live photos so that they're still photos. This will reduce their size:,still%20of%20its%20key%20photo.

Als, to check what is actually taking up space, go to Settings > General > [Device] Storage.

There you will see the apps that have used up the most of your storage and allow you to delete whatever you may have that you don't need.

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Iphone/Icloud Question

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