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Black Crud Coming Off My Nikon Binoculars

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RATTER15 | 21:26 Mon 19th Jun 2023 | Technology
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I have canon 18x50 IS all weather image stabilized binoculars, they are a few years old but they are over a £1200 to buy, so I expect them to last. on the movable eyepieces, the surface appears to be going soft or breaking up and when I touch it I get black marks on my hands you can actually scrape the surface off with your fingernail. Any idea if I can stabilise it again or seal it maybe?


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I recognise the problem, as it's what frequently happens to the rubber on the steering wheels of older cars.

Google seems to suggest that you can reduce the stickiness by wiping over the surface with surgical spirit on a paper towel (which is what I've done with car steering wheels in the past) but that there's no actual cure for the problem. The only solution is to get the rubber coating replaced.

Phone the Canon UK service centre on 0207 660 0186 to see if they can help you. (Alternatively, email [email protected]).
Canon or Nikon?
Anyway….sounds like some of the lubricant from the focusing mechanism is working loose.
sorry; that should be if it's Nikon

Your OP is a bit confusing Ratter :0)

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Black Crud Coming Off My Nikon Binoculars

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