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Imo Q4 Pro Android Phone

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donny48 | 19:25 Sat 26th Aug 2023 | Technology
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My phone slowed dramatically, so did a factory reset now when I open phone the first thing it shows is a request to enter my WI-FI password when I attempt to do so I get the first couple of characters entered then it blacks out then returns to the request for a password. I tried removing the battery to give a complete power down but to no avail.
Help please.


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A factory reset is also known as a hard reset. On the website, a few different courses of action are detailed. One possible solution starts with entering the recovery mode:
-Turn off the phone.
-Press and hold down both the power and volume down buttons.
-Release the power button when the phone vibrates.
-Release the volume down button when the recovery mode menu appears.
For further detail, here is a suggested search: reset IMO Q4 Pro 2021
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PsalmEquipt, I will try first your possible solution then the website, I'll let you know the results. Thank you.
At times, low-performance budget phones are marketed in hopes customers will choose to upgrade. Depending on the carriers available in your region, the market may have changed in the last two years. Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised with Android 11 or better, a Snapdragon processor, and 3 GB RAM at a bargain price. A renewed product search may be your best route to achieving a marked performance improvement. Once back in operation, repurposing your Q4 pro for handheld retro gaming or other uses is a practical option.
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PsalmEquipt, having tried all methods shown with no success I am trying to get a solution from IMO themselves. I am hesitant to try a high street repair shop for a phone that only cost £70.
Thanks for the ideas.
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With the previously mentioned problems is there any danger in transferring this sim card to a new phone ?
No, it will be fine to use the sim in another phone
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Thanks, Barry
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Any mods around?

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Imo Q4 Pro Android Phone

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