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HFJL2020 | 10:08 Tue 19th Sep 2023 | Technology
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any  website  i  try  to  save  as/  does  not  appear  on  my  screen



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You need to bookmark it with the star button at the far right end of the address bar

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Yes  bookmark as I say on your other thread. I've no idea what you mean by SAVE AS for a website

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im trying  to  use  save  as  does  not  work

So your trying to store a copy of a page and put it in a folder ... maybe paste it into word

Not all browsers have a star to bookmark, mine (brave)has a symbol like a book to the left of address bar.

You can't do 'save as' for a website. 

I know, bob, but the OP has said on another post today that he is using Chrome, which does have the star

I can on Chrome zacs- right click and choose SaveAs (or Control+S)...then it saves to a folder or I can paste page into word..... very rare I need to do that though, and easier to do screen print and save that

barry- think you mean vulcan not me

Apologies, bob, I did mean vulcan.  

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