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Extra Security On Macbook Air

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yansee | 14:02 Mon 25th Sep 2023 | Technology
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I recently bought a macbook air,  I'm not great at tech so I was worried about an ad from McAfee saying I had been infected with a virus , I've cleared all history and although I half think the ass a scam I wondered if I should download extra internet security  ?



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Is McAfee installed on your MacBook?

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No just the apple security 

Was the ad an email, pop up, what?

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It was a pop up 

No need.,may%20need%20to%20scroll%20down.)&text=Click%20Options.,disabled%2C%20first%20turn%20on%20Firewall.

you are suffering spam, not a virus.

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Thanks gromit 

Thing is...if you don't have McAfee, they can't possibly know anything about your current status.

You'll probably get many more of these, so don't be tempted to respond/reply/get involved.

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Thank you gingejbee

I put ABP (Add Block Plus) on my MacBook Air laptop.  I think it was recommended by Chris (buenchico) and I don't get any problems at all with it.  Here's a link yansee, take a look and see what you think.  Good luck.

I get lots of these in spite of not ever having had McAfee - it's a scam.

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Thanks Canary42

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Extra Security On Macbook Air

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