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Can't Open Photos

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zingo1327 | 17:52 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Technology
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I have 100s of photos on my PC but now when I click the photos folder the photo tiles have a cross at the bottom and won't open. It looks like a security feature has happened. The photos are of weddings,holidays etc nothing dodgy. My PC runs windows 10 and I use microsoft office or adobe to edit photos.  Anyone any idea what has happened.

thank you in advance



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Has the programme that usually opens the picture file, somehow, had it's link to it removed ?


You could try opening adobe or office first then try to "open" the picture from within that.


Or you could right click on the picture file and try the 'open with" option.

Others have largely beaten me to it hee, I think.

i.e. try right-clicking on an icon, selecting 'Open with' and trying different apps (such as the Photos app, Paint and Adobe Photoshop, or whatever).  If none of them work, the problem will be with the image files but I think that's unlikely.  If they all work, ten the problem is likely to be with the 'file association', which tells Windows which app to use as the default one for opening image files.

BTW:  The Windows Photo app is pathetic.  (I never use it), Irfanview is a zillion times better!

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hi guys. Tried all suggestions but no go. If I go to the MS store and click on "photos" and install they are all there to view, all 10 years worth. Bit of a roundabout way but at least it works.Some of your suggestions asked me to type in the search box but it's not working?? and I read that Cortana has been discontinued. Could you also explain to me how to associate a photo to a particular app.Once again thanks in advance

To tell Windows to open all .jpg files with a particular app, first RIGHT-click on any .jpg file and select 'Open with'.

Even if you see the app you want listed there, DON'T click on it yet.  Instead, click on 'Show more apps' (or 'Search for apps', or similar - I can't temember exactly how the option appears in Windows 10).

You'll then see a box for 'Always use this app to open this type of file'.  Put a tick in it and then select the app that you want to use.


^^^ That's the way that I always do it.  I find it easier than the 'official' route, which is given here:

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Can't Open Photos

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