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HFJL2020 | 22:57 Sat 25th Nov 2023 | Technology
3 Answers

i intend  to  buy  a new  lappy   and sell  old  one  question  is   will  they  be able  to  see  my  bank  details  on  the  hdd    thank u



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someone will tell you how to do a modern factory reset on your old one - reformat etc

I tend to use mine until they expire...

Probably not but it's always best to wipe the drive before selling a laptop:

thx Chris I knew it would be easy

settings -  system - recovery  ---- ( good joke huh, recovery file in order to erase) and select re-set

for files -  because delete just mean tearing off the ident - doc, pdf and letting the rest er remain there

I use an erazer program


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