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Nokia C2 Mobile Phone

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Jamjar74 | 11:33 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Technology
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When I dial my home number from the mobile phone the message says my number is unavailable and to leave a message.  How do I take "the unavailable" away.


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have you put your mobile number into your home phonebook  ?

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Yes, have reprogrammed my home home and the mobile number is in my allowed list  but the calls still goes through to BT1572.

Check that your mobile number is in your VIP list (assuming, of course, that you pay extra for that facility in the first place):

Also check that your mobile phone isn't set to hide your number from people that you call.

Maybe the messagebox is full on your home phone?

Can other people leave messages?

If your calling mobile is told that your called fixed line is unavailable then you must have something set up related to your fixed line, I would guess. Check any setting on it, and anything set up on your fixed line call service suppier.

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Nokia C2 Mobile Phone

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