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How Do I Edit A Video From My Bike Camera?

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rebelboy | 18:29 Wed 29th Nov 2023 | Technology
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Have no idea how to do this. Nearly wiped out today by a car . I have the footage but don't know how to edit it or how to transfer a clip to say Twitter or the police or anyone at all

Thanks in advance



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It would helpful if you tell us the make/model of the camera plus any devices you have -Windows 10/11 PC, or Mac, iPad etc ...

If you are going to show it to the police, I would suggest not editing it at all and let them tell you what they need.

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Hi barry1010. It's a Dash Vision. This one works, so far. Laptop with Windows 11

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Hi CORBY. I think they need the incident and a minute either side. But I would not know how to send it to them.

Do you know how to download it to your PC?

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barry1010. Yes, I've got the footage and viewed it but don't know how to transfer it elsewhere.

This is advice from Northants police,No.,adversely%20affect%20any%20subsequent%20proceedings.

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Thanks, CORBY. Will view it later as I have to go out. I'm in Cambs so hopefully the same.

This YouTube vid should help 

How to use the FREE Windows 11 Video Editor - Beginners Tutorial &shem=ssusxt

The Met Police require dashcam footage to show 1 minute before and after;lid=9cf5ace7-2ab5-47a2-9a43-52dfdf5b9e91&rid=1610

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Thanks barry. Will have a look tomorrow when I have more time.

It's straightforward once you know how

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Thanks barry & Corby. Will give it a go in the morning.

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How Do I Edit A Video From My Bike Camera?

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