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Best Way To Glue A Metal Hinge On A Laptop = The Metal Itself Has Snapped.

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joko | 17:35 Mon 15th Jan 2024 | Technology
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I know epoxy is best for metal - but will it work, or just snap again?

its the hinge of the laptop screen so gets bent backwards & forwards often.

At the moment, the position its at i was even move it with my fingers, its very firm & i'll need pliers - but this is why im worried it will just snap again.

Is there something better?

I dont know what kind of metal it is, its a rough fracture too & the other piece is still inside the lid & not easy to reach.

its a Dell precision M6800 - so a lot of it is made from metal rather than plastic.

Thanks :)







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Your concern is certainly justified. I doubt if anything short of welding (obviously totally impractical) would stand the strain.

Couldn't find your model no. is this similar?

If the actual hinge is broken your first problem is sourcing a replacement hinge, wouldn't have thought a repair of the actual hinge viable.

Take it to a specialist and ask them to repair it.

Aladite used correctly and not old is massively strong but it would need a lot of skill to use it without making a mess and sealing the mechanism of the hinge which is connected electronically to the main body of the laptop.

I doubt if a new case is possible, I thinkk you'll have to seek pfofessional advice and maybe brace yourself for a new machine. 😟

Just watched your video Alice and it's not for the faint-hearted! 😮

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thanks all

alice - the piece that has snapped is about an inch wide & more into the screen part.

I'll give araldite a go & see what happens, then thing about replacing if need be, thanks :)


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Best Way To Glue A Metal Hinge On A Laptop = The Metal Itself Has Snapped.

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