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Retrieving Photos From Broken Galaxy Z Flip

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lostboy87 | 19:19 Tue 16th Jan 2024 | Technology
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Hi all,

Dropped my Z Flip phone and now the screen is blank and unresponsive. 

I have alot of photos and contacts I would like to retrieve....I thought they were backed up..

I plugged into my laptop but you have to enable permissions and unlock phone to move stuff but can't.

I looked on line and saw that you could use a usb-c to hdmi connector to get up phone on TV screen and use a USB mouse to control the phone on the screen.

Bought one from Amazon and when I plug it in nothing happens....tried 3 different tvs.

If anyone could tell me what I am doing wrong or any other suggestions to move files it would be much appreciated. 

Thank you!



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Are you sure they are stored on the phone? Mine in Google Photos are stored in the 'cloud' somewhere.

Is there a memory card in the phone? If so, it's likely that your photos are stored on it, rather than in the phone's internal memory. 

If that's the case, remove the card, insert it into a card reader on your PC or laptop (using an adapter if necessary) and then access the files normally via Windows Explorer.

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No, it internal storage. 

Nothing on cloud, only stuff from a year ago.

I really need to see my phone on a screen so I can go through things.

You might have to take it to a mobile phone repair shop.

There are two last-chance possibilities to retrieve photos from a Galaxy Z Flip with an unresponsive screen.
1. Send the phone to Samsung for screen replacement. Due to the cost of the screen and the absence of used parts, this is the least expensive option.
2. If the user enabled USB debugging within Developer Options before the phone broke, the screen can still be displayed.


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Retrieving Photos From Broken Galaxy Z Flip

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