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Landline 'Ringtone' Is Weird

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joko | 19:09 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Technology
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Im trying to phone a shop, i have the landline - from google - but every time i ring it, it says its calling on my screen, but then there is just a continuous sort of 'hissy beep'.

Its not like the continuous been when the line is dead.
the screen says its calling the whole time, but no-one ever answers.

The shop is definitely open.

What does this noise mean? Is it just a new type of ringtone?
If so, is it a new ringing tone for their phone line, or a new disconnected tone?

I dont know if the phone is in the back so they cant answer it while busy, or if its just not their number anymore.

Thanks :)



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As it's a shop and not a private number would you put it here so I can hear it?  TalkTalk customers can have a single beep instead of a double ring.

Anything similare here?

Fax machine?

as said. Its the sound you get when calling a Fax.

Recheck the number

(but are Faxes not dead now?)

I'd forgotten about fax machines

Faxes are alive and well especially in the legal and medical world, apparently.

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thanks but no, its not a fax - ive just listened to some on youtube & its not that, that sounds kind of like dial-up used to sound.

This is like 2 things playing side by side -  a single continous note, which is alongside some 'airy' static - like a steady stream of air passing a microphone.

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I looked for a site that would let me put up a recording & i could link it here, but i cant find one.

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Landline 'Ringtone' Is Weird

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