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Digital Art Pen - Circuit Board Came Out, Wires Exposed

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joko | 13:47 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Technology
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my wacom pen, was being laggy or not working so i dismantled it - there was some white gunk & a few hairs inside it ... (dont ask, i just dont know, it looked like ointment or something)
anyway, removed that but when i pulled the circuit board wires broke off, instead of pulling out the nib or end piece.
I can get the plastic off the ends to get to what it was attached to, to solder it back on - how do i get to that bit?
I have no idea what pen it is, it doesnt say anywhere.
its just the one that was with the wacom, cintiq 24HD i bought 2nd hand.

it may have not worked for ages, or i pulled it out but i kind of just came out, i didnt force it, id have stopped if id felt it was secure.

i looked on youtube but it just dismantled different pens, theyre all so similar, its hard to tell.


Has any one done this before? is it worth it? I know they can be expensive, so if this is an easy fix i want to fix it.

thanks :)



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Digital Art Pen - Circuit Board Came Out, Wires Exposed

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