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The Best Gadgets To Record Voices

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joko | 05:42 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Technology
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If i wanted to record various voices, making various sounds & notes etc to make lots of overlapping loops, that are eventually played together to make a song - what equipment would i need, to make it as easy as possible?
I have windows 10 & a Dell precision M6800.
I have ableton but im considering something simpler.
I think its something like those boards with loads of light-up coloured squares, but i dont know what theyre called, or which type id need :/
i dont want to spend loads, so looking for a budget options.

any ideas? thanks :)



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Your phone and Audacity software (free).

Your laptop can be used to record audio but the noise of the laptop's fan running might be more evident in the recordings than you'd possibly  expect.  (To make your recordings, you could either use the Voice Recorder app that comes with Windows 10
or Audacity )

As Mjwman says, your phone is a possible alternative.  (It might well already have a voice recorder app pre-installed. Otherwise there are plenty of freebies available on Google Play or the Apple App store).  You wouldn't have to worry about fan noise but, because the microphones that are built into mobile phones aren't of any great quality, the audio might be a bit 'tinny'.

For better quality audio, you might need something like this.  (They're used by radio journalists.  I've also got one to record my performance poetry): User Recommendation

Once you've got your sound files, the actual editing can be done in Audacity but it's initially a rather steep learning curve. Alternatives here:

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The Best Gadgets To Record Voices

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