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Still Cannot Get Emails Re. My Questions -Have Tried Everything!

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moggie 939 | 17:24 Wed 31st Jan 2024 | Technology
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When I have asked a question I never get an email back saying I have a reply! This has only happened in the lasy month or so and before that there was a little box ticked after the question which is no longer there.

Went into my profile and ticked there a little box and saved it but I hve to check every day to see if I have an answer to a question

Have used this site for years and this is only happening now, I have changed my email in Jan 23 but the new correct email is showing in my profile. Any help please?



PS. As I am writing this there is a tick in the  ;email when I get answer' box below!



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Hello there,

This link,supplied courtesy of the very knowlegeable Buenchico,could help you.

It sorted out my Avatar problem, it might help yours?

[email protected]

Have you got a tick against 'Subscribe to all my own questions' in your profile, Moggie?

Question Author

yes buenchico!

Question Author


Have sent email to editor as you suggested and await reply.

In addition to ticking box in my profile which I have done of course there always used to be a little box with a tick in it near the answer now box which no longer shows!





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Still Cannot Get Emails Re. My Questions -Have Tried Everything!

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