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Skype To Phone

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237SJ | 16:57 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | Technology
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Does anyone here use Skype to make international calls?  Just wondered how cheap it is.



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Do you just want to call one country regularly or many countries?


If you want to call a variety of countries you can buy Skype Credit here

There is a chart on that page that gives the rates for different countries

If you want to call one country, input it in the search box here and you will see the various options.

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Thank you

We use WhatsApp, it's free.

I've been skyping for years and I skype on daily basis to Uk and America, never have i needed to buy skype credit - it's always been free. 

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Thanks - yes skype to skype is free but I need to skype to landline.  I heard it costs "pennies" so I wanted to check out if that is true.

I regularly do Skype video calls to Australia and it doesnt cost anything.

Are you skyping to a skype contact or a landline, Crapat?

You need to buy credits to call a landline

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Skype To Phone

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