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Email From Ebay Today

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bobbie22 | 18:20 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | Technology
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I had an email from EBay today stating that they will close my account due to lack of use.    Could this be real?    I cannot log in to check because it has been years and I cannot remember the details 

I have looked on line and it appears to be genuine.  What do you think?





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If it's years since you used it and you can't remember the password, does it matter? Just let them delete it.

Question Author

I am not worried about it being deleted, I just wondered whether anyone could use it

I expect it is genuine - eBay does close dormant accounts because they can be hijacked by fraudsters.

You can open a new account if you need to, you haven't been banned.

To be sure, look at the eBay header to see who really sent it 

As Barry says, you need to examine the 'extended headers' in the email to see if it's genuine. 

Depending upon how you receive your email, there will either be something labelled 'View > Extended Headers' or perhaps (as with my GMX account) just a little box with an 'i' (for 'information') in it.

Once you've clicked/tapped in the relevant place, check that the 'Return path', 'Authentication results', 'Received' and 'From' field all include email addresses ending in either or  If so, it's a genuine email.  (If, however, you see, or similar, you'll know that it's a fake).

Question Author

It's got [email protected] on the mail.   I can't see anything else

The address which you see when you just view an email (rather than its extended headers) can easily be faked.  You have to go into the extended headers to check the authenticity of an email.

How do you receive your emails?  Do you use a dedicated email client/app (such as Thunderbird or the Windows Mail app) or do you go to the website of your email provider (such as Gmail, Btinternet, GMX, etc).  If so, which website is it?

If you click on the, "[email protected]" what does it show?

Question Author

I have done that and it gives me a Page to write a message 

Don't click on any links - instead go direct to the ebay website and find a link to reset your password.

^^^ Bobbie can't do that though, Tuvok.

Quote: "I cannot log in to check because it has been years and I cannot remember the details"

actually I agree with BHG

oh whilst I am here - PayPal which I have never used - took a £40 DD from me. Bank reversed it  on the  day

( if you cancel the  DD on the  day it  is paid then ya get your money back)

Bank seemed unconcerned "they" had got some of my bank details

yeah they said to ME - what does payoal say

well  nothing I can remember no detials

Question Author

If I don't sign in within the next 30 days my account will be closed. It says that

You can log in with either your usename or email address.

On the next screen there is "need help signing in" option

Question Author

I don't mind my account being closed because I don't use it

Question Author

If this is not a scam I am quite happy to leave things alone. And not do anything 

I'm very interested in the good advice being given on this thread about checking email 'extended headers', I'm still using "Microsoft Office Outlook 2003" for emails and can't find a way of getting to 'extended headers' - help would be appreciated.

Rather than clicking on it  what does it show if you hover the cursor over it ? Or maybe right click it ?

Thanks OldG  'right click/options' - does the trick

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