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JinnyJoan | 16:54 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | Technology
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I would like to see an old email that was in the computer before it became broke down.  Is there anywhere I could find it again.  Thanks



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It's probably on the web server of the company that provides your email service.

What's the last bit of your email address?  (e.g.,,, etc)

What email do you use? You say ut was in the computer, does that mean you had saved ut on the computers drive, or just you accessed your emails thru the computer

Is your email  address still in use?  If so you should be able to access it depending on the email provider as the others have said.

Could youask the person who sent it to send you another copy?


If you got your mail via a web broswer, then it should still be on the server.

If you used an email program, then if it was setup as imap, it will be on the server.  If was was pop, then depending if it was set to remove mail from the server, it would only be on the computer.  


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Old Email

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