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Standby Items Overnight

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andy-hughes | 00:39 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Technology
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Does switching off "standby' items like TV and didi-box overnight save a significant amount of electricity?



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TV sets used to be notorious for using quite large amounts of electricity when in standy mode.  However since 2013 they (along with other devices) can only use a maximum of 0.5 watts of electricity when in standby mode, unless they're also displaying their status in some way (in which case they can use 1 watt).

Assuming the higher figure of 1 watt, a TV set (or whatever) would need to be in standby mode for 1000 hours to use 1 kWh of electricity, costing just 28.6p

There's also the safety aspect to swichting things off overnight

If you want to save similar amounts of electricity to items on standby, put a tiny bit less water in the kettle when you make your tea.

I sense another Brexit benefit; our TVs and other network connected devices can consume any amount of power in standby mode, adding to our electricity bills.

What's a didi-box ?

Digi box?  Typo, I think

Thanks Barry, I didn't think of that (thought I was missing out on something!)

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Standby Items Overnight

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