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Cannot Scan All Channels On Sony Micro Hifi Component System Cmt-Nez7Dab

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tearinghair | 20:01 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | Technology
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I have the Sony item mentioned above. The radio is DAB, not DAB+, so I realised that I wouldn't be able to get Classic FM on it now. Should be able to get it on FM, but when I try to scan it gallops straight past 100.1, which I have verified is the correct wavelength for my new address. Other FM stations seem fine. No help on the website. Do I give up and buy a new one?



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1 Press TUNER/BAND (or FUNCTION repeatedly) to switch the function to TUNER.
2 Press TUNER/BAND repeatedly to select “FM” or “AM”.
3 Press TUNING MODE repeatedly until “AUTO” and “PRESET” disappear from the display.
4 Press + or – (or TUNING + or – on the unit) repeatedly to tune in the desired station.
5 Press TUNER MEMORY if you want to keep it there.

If there is no station at that frequency:

a) check your aerial b) try a different FM  radio at that frequency

I'd heard Classic FM were closing DAB but I never heard the date it comes/came into effect and just thought 'if I can listen I will, if I can't then I won't - their loss).

I can, however, still listen on the two DAB radios in the house. Have you tried scanning on DAB just in case?

The Classic FM signal on 100.1 MHz obviously isn't strong enough for your radio to lock onto it when scanning.  (100.1 MHz is the frequency for the station's transmitters in Angus, Dundee, North Fife and the Midlands). However you might still be able to tune to it manually.

Follow the instructions on the right-hand side of page 15  here:

Then follow the instructions from the top left of page 14 to store the station into a memory.

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Thanks all. When I opened that link, Buenchico, I recognised the front page of the manual and realised I still had mine....I found it, followed the procedure but without success. I think it may well be the aerial that's the problem; in my recent move it got damaged. I'll try fiddling with it but in the long run it may be better to invest in a new DAB+ radio (I can play CDs elsewhere). The quality of reception is important, and I also rather fancy the BBC Radio 2 spin-off thats been promised, with music of the 50s, 60s and 70s. That's also going to be on DAB+. Maybe Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Elvis et al - heaven!

Thanks for your post, TH.

If you do decide to buy a new radio, I'm a big fan of the Majority brand:

Question Author

Thanks for the recommendation.  I have to admit I haven't heard of them,I usually go for Roberts and don't know why I chose Sony for that model. I need to be able to adjust treble and bass, as I'm quite deaf and can't always hear top notes clearly.

Question Author

Had a look at some details of Majority. Very tempting. I could adjust the volume so that Maurice Andre and  Saint-Saens (not together!) don't upset my new neighbours..

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Cannot Scan All Channels On Sony Micro Hifi Component System Cmt-Nez7Dab

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