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Samsung Galaxy A14 Phone

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crisper | 15:28 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Technology
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Hello everyone, Mrs Crisper here, got my new phone, the one in the title box, couple of months back, its been great apart from the last few days it will not conect to wi-fi when I'm away from home, I'm not at all 'tech savy' so all I've done is turned wi fi on & off and the device itself, which doesnt do anything, wonder if any of you clever people out there can help me!?  thanks so much.



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I think wifi connects to your home wifi (or someone else's if you have their passeword). To get on the internet when you're out of the house you have to have mobile data switched on. With my Samsung the easiest way to do this is swipe down from the home screen so you see lots of buttons show and make sure the mobile data one is lit (it has an an arrow up and an arrow down side by side). 

Go into Settings, then into Connections, then tap the Wifi option (not just the on/off toggle) that ought to open the list of available WiFi signals - select your chosen WiFi.

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thanks so much you guys for such quick responses, will give that a go .


If you are in say Asda settings connections tap Wi-Fi you will see Asda in the list tap it to connect once connected it will automatically connect every time you go in Asda. The same goes for many other places you visit.

I've clearly misunderstood, I thought you meant you can't get on the intenet when in the car or in the street or out walking which is when you need mobile data switched on  - not that you want to connect to other free wifi available in some shops, hotels, on the train etc etc.

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Samsung Galaxy A14 Phone

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