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Using Chrome To Open Links Rather Than Edge

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shivvy | 15:59 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Technology
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My laptop has started using Edge to open links in emails and I want to change it back to using Chrome.  I have googled it and gone through the process below, but it isnt working.  

What am I doing wrong?


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Set Chrome as your default web browser

On your computer, click the Start menu .

Click Settings Apps. Default apps.

Under 'Set defaults for applications', enter Chrome into the search box. ...

At the top, next to 'Make Google Chrome your default browser', click Set default. ...

To exit, close the settings window.




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Try this way:

Open Chrome.
Click the three dots (top right).
Scroll down to, and then select, 'Settings'.
Click 'Default browser'.
Click 'Make default'.

Question Author

Thanks Buenchico but when i do that it says that Chrome is my default browser?

It happens to me occasionally. Also, when I run CCleaner it tells me that Edge should be shut down, even though I don't use it and don't want it. I've tried to get rid of Edge without success. Is there a way of permanently disabling it?

Change which browser is default ? Usually set when in the desired browser settings.

Change your default browser back to Edge.
Close all apps.
Close your PC/laptop.
Restart it.
Change your default back browser to Chrome again.
Cross fingers.

Question Author

Old Geezer - I don't really understand what you mean.

Buenchico - I tried the restart etc but nothing has changed unfortunately.

Question Author

When i go into the settings it gives options to change a list of things and I don't know which to change? eg

htm, html, pdf, shtml, svg, webp, xht, xhtml, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IRC.

It looks like a registry error then.

Type 'cmd' into the Windows search field.

Right-click on 'Command prompt'.

Select 'Run as administrator'.

Type 'chkdsk' and hit 'Enter'.

When Chkdsk has finished running, close the window and try changing your default browser to Chrome once again.

Re 1703:

Http and https are the key ones to change.

Question Author

I just tried your suggestion Buenchico but there is nowhere for me to type in chkdsk at that stage.

^^^ After selecting 'Run as administrator', you should be asked if you consent to the app making changes to your device.  Select 'Yes'.

You should then see a new window, like this one, overlaid on the top of your screen:
Then you simply type 'chkdsk' and hit 'Enter'.

Question Author

Buenchico I didnt follow your last suggestion because I don't have a lot of IT knowledge and it sounded a bit beyond my knowledge/capabilities!

However I got some IT help this morning and it turns out that I had set Chrome as my default browser ok, but there was a setting in my Outlook email which had switched from Chrome to Edge.

So I'm all sorted now.  But thanks to you and Atheist and Old Geezer for your suggestions.

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Using Chrome To Open Links Rather Than Edge

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