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My Email Address Has Recently Been Hacked

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Spreeny | 14:45 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Technology
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I'm trying to block someone but am given the option to either block the sender or domain... can someone help please. Tia



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Are you sure you mean "hacked", or is someone just sending you spam emails and you want to block them?

If someone has hacked your email, they'll have the password and can access your account and they'll also probably change the password so you can no longer access it.

I always block the domain. If it serves one spammer I reckon it likely serves loads of others. 

OG, do you really block Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail...?

If the domain, the bit of the email address after @ is obscure block it, but not if it is Google and like.

Otherwise just block the email address 

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Apparently someone hacked my email and found out my password for a certain company.The company informed me and they stopped the high value purchase they'd try to order. I've tried too change most of my other passwords but I keep getting emails with a verification code to sign up to Uber. I've blocked the sender but wonder if I should've blocked the domain 

That whole scenario sounds unlikely.  Why would somebody hack your email address to order high value goods?  


You don't block them, you block the address of the server hosting spam broadcasters.

Question Author

I'm only telling you what the fraud department of the company  (who originally alerted me to ask if I  wanted to continue to change my details) told me what was happening 

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My Email Address Has Recently Been Hacked

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