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DTCwordfan | 12:38 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Technology
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How does one stop overwriting in Whatsapp - doesn't do it in Word where I use the 'shift & insert' buttons to control whether I insert a letter or text into a line.......

Thanks in advance 



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Linked to this, how do I turn off the predictive text box - am in Word by the way.....

-- answer removed --
Question Author

thank you - it's driving me mad - it's an older version of Word too.....

Thanks for a removed answer ?!?!

Question Author

there was a comment there, nothing controversial.....

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got the predictive text cured, the answer buried deep in Windows settings. Now for the WhatsApp as the change hasn't cured that. Everytime I try and insert a letter, it overrides the next letter that is already there.....

Tap and hold down the space bar to move the cursor to where you want to change a letter.

Whatsapp, not just overwriting  but also overcollecting, 

//WhatsApp, although designed with user convenience in mind, raises significant privacy concerns. While its end-to-end encryption ensures message security during transit, it collects an array of user data, such as contact details, device information, and even location data.//

Possibly not just yours.

I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole DTC.


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