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Mikomi lcd tv and freeview decoder

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Shelle | 16:36 Sun 08th Jan 2006 | Technology
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I recently bought the above tv from Argos. I bought a teletext tv so that I could operate the tv to view the proper teletext, and then switch on the freeview to view the various extra channels.

I seem unable to work out how to tune it in separately so that I can do this. I had thought I would simply tune in the tv without the decoder connected, and then tune the decoder in to a specific channel (say 8), but so far have been unsucessful. I can get the decoder tuned in when connected, but if I switch it off I then cannot use the tv in normal mode thus cannot use the teletext at all.

Any ideas?



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I can't work out why you need 'conventional' teletext when there's an enhanced service available by pressing the red button on your Freeview handset but I'll try to answer your question anyway.

Conventional teletext signals are only carried into your TV as part of the normal signal which comes through your aerial. If the only link you've got between your Freeview box and the TV is a scart lead, then this signal won't be received by your TV. Most recently-manufactured Freeview boxes support 'RF loopthrough' which permits the aerial signal received by the Frreview box to be forwarded to the TV for conventional analogue reception (complete with teletext). This signal has to forwarded by an aerial fly-lead connecting the 'RF Out' at the back of the Freeview box to the aerial input of the TV. (i.e. if you want your TV to be able to receive analogue TV - complete with its associated teletext services - you'll need to ensure that the box is connected to the TV by BOTH a scart lead AND an aerial fly-lead.

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Sorted!! That additional lead is what was missing!

The answer to why I need conventional teletext is because I find digital text of no comparison whatsoever and is not in the same class as analogue teletext. But that is just my opinion!

Thanks for helping though, it was really useful!

Now I think I will try and sort out another tv issue in a new post!!

like why you bought a mikomi tv ?!

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Mikomi lcd tv and freeview decoder

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