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When To Charge

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pastafreak | 14:56 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Technology
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I've got a new tablet...yay! With my old one, I was constantly charging. It lost power fast and was slow to charge with a possibly messed up charging port. So, I'm needing to break that habit obviously. If I use my tablet on and off all what % should I plug it in?



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You will get very conflicting opinions but in my view battery  technology has improved things a lot and these days it doesn't really matter.

I make sure my gadgets are fully charged when I need them and plug them in when I'm not using them.

If they're fully charged when I go out or go to bed I unplug them.

I tend to charge mine in the evening when I am watching TV - I let it get down to about 10% and then every 2 months or so I totally let it run down - very old school I know

Same as Barry, plugged in and charging when not being used.

I usually unplug when I go out, and always when I go to bed.

At whatever % it is when your charger has finished charging your other devices.

It is kinder to the battery to not fully charge it. Stop at about 80 or 85%

Most mobile phones (and perhaps tablets) have a battery saver function in settings.

On my Samsung phone when selected this stops the phone charging at 85%, to prolong the battery life.

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When To Charge

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