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Old Laptops - Recycle Options?

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tenrec | 19:34 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Technology
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I have 2 old laptops. How can I dispose of them?

Thanks for your help.



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I'm told a charity might take them and refurbish them for sale.  Better give the charity a call first I would think.

Question Author

Thanks Ladybirder, I thought that but was told by them, no!

There's often a shop in town where you can buy refurbished laptops and tablets etc.  They might take them. 

Gumtree, ebay.

Make sure you reset the computer, and then find a free tool to  wipe the data (reseting will delete your files, but they will still be recoverable.) 

Years ago I got a mac from local auction mart.  It had been reset, but me being nosy, I recovered the files.  Found out it had come from an Estate Agent (not local), as I found property schedules AND a file with their login password.

Mine went to the tip. There's a bin there fur electrical goods.

Question Author

Thanks everyone. I will try some of those options. 

If there is any sensitive information on the hard-drive, remove it and smash it before binning the laptop.  They probably aren’t worth anything, but if you are going to let someone else have use of them – don’t just delete the hard-drive files, shred them.

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Thank you Hymie

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Old Laptops - Recycle Options?

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