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Cant Access Facebook

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nailedit | 17:02 Tue 05th Mar 2024 | Technology
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Facebook tells me that my session has expired (???) and to log in again.

I never log out and not sure of password so pressed reset password and recieved a number (via email) to enter which then took me to reset password.

Reset p/w, pressed continue but it then just goes blank in the reset p/w box leaving me to try again Ad Infinitum.

Any ideas?





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mine too

Me too!!!

Same problem here.



Nor can a lot of other people.  Give up for now and try again later


Question Author

Oh right,

thanks guys.

Its down globally. 

Thank god for that, been trying for half an hour.

Same. Glad to see it's a general error rather than me upsetting Zuckerberg again.

Nailedit, How're you doing? Not seen you here for a little while.

Me too, no matter how many times I try.

Question Author

Mozz, im doing great, thanks. 😀

My God, it's pathetic how panicked we are when it goes down like that. Maybe a FB break will do us good.

Here too, and I never log out


Great to hear that Nails. Keep up the good work!

Facebook is back. Panic over.

Cannot use same passwords?? Anyone else finding this??


Yes, Sharon - all of us that have posted on this thread 😀

Phew managed to get in using same password, but took a couple of goes.

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Cant Access Facebook

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