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Ripping Cd,S

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fourteen85 | 08:49 Sun 10th Mar 2024 | Technology
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Are there any programmes someone could recommend that I can download to copy some CDs to my phone? I do have Windows media player but I find the new version not very useful . thanks. I guess I would also like it to be free if possible , if not can I revert back to using earlier versions of media player, I am using a dell laptop with windows 10. thanks



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I usually use WavePad Sound Editor nowadays - rips the cd and lets you edit it (alter volume, chop off silent start and end etc) and then save it in a variety of formats- free download.

Audacity is another free one I use sometimes - give them both a try.

My own choice. (It's really easy to use):

Ripping CDs (even for personal use) is, of course, illegal in the UK but I somehow doubt that you'll find Pc Plod knocking on your door any day soon 😊


That's my choice too - probably on another of Buenchico's excellent expert reccomendations.

If a Luddite like me can use it, it has to be good, and I have found it simple, and reliable to use.


I thought it was legal to rip a CD you owned.


^^^ It was illegal up until 2014, when the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Personal Copies for Private Use) Regulations 2014 were introduced.  

However there was a High Court challenge to those Regulations in 2015, resulting in them being overturned and therefore making the ripping of CDs (or, say, the copying of vinyl tracks) illegal once again:


Could the government decide the shackles of our evil EUropean overlords no longer apply and make it legal?


^^^ I suspect that EU copyright rules were included within the EU laws which the UK agreed to retain when we broke away from the EU.  It would therefore require a complete renegotiation of the entire agreement before the UK could make any unilateral changes.

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Thanks all for suggestions


P.s. I use FreeRIP (and MP3Tag)



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Ripping Cd,S

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