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Transfer Pics From Computer To Mobile Phone

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zingo1327 | 21:04 Sun 17th Mar 2024 | Technology
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Hi guys. Is there an easy way of transferring pics from my computer to my mobile phone.Thank you in advance



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Would sending the picture as an e-mail attachment get it to your phone?

just plug the phone in the USB and drag and drop.

Plug your phone cable USB end into computer. Highlight tge picture or pics and right click then scroll onto 'send to (name of phone)' the transfer will take a few seconds or longer if more photos being transferred.

how do I do it the other way ?- it tries charging

To upload pics or photos from mobile to computer use same cable plugged in. I usually click onto my pc but  Computer should also show name of your computer on the left hand side column. Click onto the name of your mobike phone and click on either camera or screenshot to view these pics upload first. Them highlight copy and paste the selected photos to a file on your pictures folder of computer.

Is the cable a data cable or just a charging cable?

I upload my photos to Google photos or Dropbox, then I can access them from every device 

Most phones now have a USB-C socket for charging. Computers have USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and/or USB-C. You'll need a cable with USB-C at one end and a USB at the other end which fits your computer. Quicker and less hassle than messing about with e-mail or cloud.

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Transfer Pics From Computer To Mobile Phone

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