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What Is This On My Hp Printer?

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netibiza | 10:04 Mon 25th Mar 2024 | Technology
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Can I connect printer to laptop with USB and if I do what will happen if I eventually want to connect it to WiFi? Thanks



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What is the model?

Question Author

Hp desktop 2700e

Question Author

Oh hi Barry. Sorry its me again with all new fangled equipment!

According to the manual it can be connected by USB, if that is your preference.  This is the important bit:

Do not connect the USB cable to the printer until you are prompted to do so.

To connect the printer with the USB cable

1. Visit to download and install the printer software.

NOTE: Do not connect the USB cable to the printer until you are prompted to do so.

2. Follow the onscreen instructions. When you are prompted, connect the printer to the computer by selecting USB on the Connection Options screen.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions. If the printer software has been installed, the printer will operate as a plug-and-play device.

If you want to connect by WiFi later:

Change the connection type

If you first set up your printer and installed the software with a USB cable, directly connecting the printer to your computer, you can easily change to a wireless network connection.

You will need a wireless 802.11a/b/g/n network that includes a wireless router or access point. NOTE: The printer supports connections using 2.4GHz or 5GHz .

Before changing from a USB connection to a wireless network, make sure that: ● The printer is connected to your computer with the USB cable until you are prompted to disconnect the cable. ● The computer is connected to the wireless network that you intend to install the printer on. You can also change from a wireless connection to a USB connection.

To change from a USB connection to a wireless network (Windows)

1. Open the HP printer software. For more information, see Open the HP printer software (Windows) on page 33.

2. In the printer software, click Tools.

3. Click Device Setup & Software. 4. Select Convert a USB connected device to wireless. Follow the onscreen instructions.

To change from a USB connection to a wireless network using the HP Smart app on a Windows 10 computer (Windows)

1. Open the HP Smart app. For information about how to open the app on a Windows 10 computer, see Use the HP Smart app to print, copy, scan, and troubleshoot on page 32.

2. Make sure your printer is selected. TIP: If you want to select a different printer, click the ( ) on the toolbar at the left side of the screen, and then select a different printer from the list of all available printers.

3. Click Learn More when you see “Make printing easier by connecting your printer wirelessly” on top of the home page of the app.

This is the manual for your printer

Question Author

Wow thank you Barry that is way beyond the call of duty. 

Will take me while to go through it all. Thank-you so much!

Copy and paste only takes a minute or two :)  

You prefer USB to wireless?  

My HP printer is a good few years now and I've never had an issue with it being wireless - once it's set up.  

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Wifi is useless is my island! Id love it all to be wifi but it drops so often I need to be able to use the usb

Not a problem if your printer is near to your computer.  Hope you get it up and running without problem.

In my experience setting up wireless can be a right pain. Cable is simple. Surprised one has to only connect when told to. Have visions of rebooting the computer and it no longer seeing what's plugged into it !

It works fine after rebooting, OG.

Neti, do you get good 5G signal at home?


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What Is This On My Hp Printer?

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