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dillon | 16:43 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | Technology
11 Answers

I've just bought new AA Duracell batteries

Why don't they work in my wireless microphone but work in my electric toothbrush?



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Dunno. Maybe the mic need greater current ?

Maybe your microphone isn't intended to accept AA Duracells?

Have you checked the mike instructions?

it's a mystery innit...

What make and model is your microphone?

Personally I'd be using either AA lithium (more expensive but longer lasting) or Ni-MH rechargeable (cheaper in the long term).

I could understand Ni-MH batteries not working as they are only 1.2V per cell. This is Dillon's third attempt at asking this question and says on one of his others that zinc batteries work but alkali don't; they are both 1.5V per cell.

Basic question. Are they the right way round??!!

Why have you asked this question three times?

Its these checkout girls, they take them home use them overnight and return them the next day. Not a clue what they use them for, and so offten too.

What is the application of the mic...
Live performance/music, Youtubing/vlogging/talks?
My guess is that it is generic/unbranded and probably a bit low quality.
Get a named brand eg. Rode, Beyerdynamic, AKG if it's for serious use.

Try putting a volt meter across the batteries when in each situation and switched on. Spot any difference.

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